Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Trip to the Lighthouse

   Well everybody, I finally got my 45 pictures all ready for you! Our trip to the lighthouse was over a month ago, but I've been trying to post these forever, and I still wanted to show them to you, so here ya go.
Diana had requested a field trip to the lighthouse some time, and of course our dear mother took us. :) It was very pretty that day, a little warm still, but being next to the ocean, we got a nice breeze. I had been there once before, and boy, did I have a hard time climbing those steps. And any time I talk about the lighthouse or when I'm at the top, I say the wind will blow either me or the whole lighthouse over. Yup, I do... When at the top this last time, Diana wanted to get a picture with me, but she wanted the backround to be the ocean... which meant I had to turn my back to the rail and NOT see behind me (cause I knew the rail would come off and I would fall down)... The picture didn't happen. And going up the steps I think one will break under my foot (especially the wooden steps), but then I think about how for years and years how many times those steps have been used, and that I should be fine. But then I think about how since they were here for years and years that now they will be old and break. I'm going to stop now with my long list of fears.

(Click to enlarge, cause it always looks better that way)


  1. Wow! Amazing pictures! Don't know which one's my favorite. Prolly the lighthouse shadow on the trees. The color and light and everything is so pretty too! I hope to visit one day...

    1. Thank you!

      What?! You haven't gone yet? Well, we'll have to do something about that...